Santa Salad Recipe and Santa's Salad Story Read This!




Prep time: 5 minutes


  • Andisway Organic Pea Tendrils   GREEN
  • 8 Large Organic Strawberries (Cut into tiny pieces)  RED 
  • Feta to taste    SNOW OR WHITE


  • Rinse Andi’s Way Pea Tendrills thoroughly and chop into tiny pieces.
  • Add cut strawberries and feta and toss.
  • Pair with a strawberry infused balsamic vinegar or a Regular balsamic vinegar or dressing of your choice.
  • Leave out for Santa instead of cookies.

Special Diet Information:



    Every year the sleigh is loaded in the cold North Pole.  There was so much work to be done delivering presents to all the good children around the world, no one even noticed the change of wind.  The reindeers took a long deep breath before getting hitched to Santa’s sleigh.  Santa did one last check of his list and sleigh before giving each reindeer a little kiss of encouragement for their long trip. 

     Santa ate his way through cookies the whole first leg of the journey.  All the sugar he consumed made him a little sluggish by the time he got to the second leg of the journey.  Now since reindeers are not a big fan of cookies, they were starving.  They were already behind schedule when the wind reared it’s ugly head, and the snow started to come down wet and heavy.  Santa was having trouble seeing the rooftops and had to rely on Rudolph to guide the way to each roof.  Santa could barely get out of the sleigh, let alone down the chimney and couldn’t think of eating one more cookie.  But to his surprise there was the most delicious large salad bowl filled to the top with a healthy looking green and red salad sprinkled with what looked like snow.    He was so excited he shouted up the chimney to let the reindeers know they could take a break.  He had a great snack for all of them.  In all his excitement, Santa woke up everyone in the house.  Now this is the first and only time Santa had allowed a family to see him in action.  He was just so excited to have something healthy, he wanted to thank the kids in person.  Santa went back up to the rooftop to give the reindeers some of the salad.  They loved it!!  He sat and ate with them until there was not even one little tiny leaf in the bowl.  The smallest child called up the chimney and offered more.  “My mommy made extra Andi’s Way Santa Salad for the reindeer.”  

       The reindeer were super charged with all the Andi’s Way super greens they had eaten.  It did not even matter how hard it was snowing, the reindeer and Santa took off for the final leg of their journey.  They made up for lost time and even finished ahead of schedule!!!  Santa had snapped a picture of the Andi’s Way Santa Salad with his phone and wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to taste for yourself…..or leave it for him this year!



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