Frequently Asked Questions on Wheatgrass

What is Wheatgrass?


Wheat grass is the young plant, or sprouts, from the wheat seed. Wheatgrass is considered a super food because of its highly nutritious properties.  It is a source of Vitamins A, C, E, K, B-6, potassium, fiber, Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and protein.

A popular method of consuming Wheatgrass is by extracting or juicing the grass into a elixir. It is recommended that the juice be consumed immediately for better results. Read more on Tips for drinking fresh wheatgrass juice.


Is Wheatgrass gluten free?


YES. Gluten is found only after the grasses are allowed to mature and produce seeds. Our grasses are harvested well before that stage in a highly controlled environment, making our Wheatgrass 100% gluten free.


Are Andi’s Way’s products Organic and GMO-free?

Absolutely YES! We are proud to offer only 100% certified Organic & GMO-Free fresh products and seed. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you sell directly to consumers?

Yes. We can conveniently ship right to your home or office. Click here to place an order.

Are Andi’s Way’s products grown in soil or hydroponically?

All our products are grown in Organic Soil. We use an amazing nutrient-dense compost blend. To see a picture of our soil, click here.

How much Wheatgrass should I drink a day?

We recommend drinking 1 or 2 shots of 2 oz, Freshly Squeezed Organic Wheatgrass Daily.

*People can’t “overdose” on Wheatgrass, but drinking a lot more than 4 oz. a day may cause a stomach ache, and is unlikely to provide any enhanced benefit.

What things does Andi’s Way recommend for best results juicing Wheatgrass?

  • Drinking Wheatgrass juice immediately after its been juiced.
  • Drinking Wheatgrass on an empty stomach, ½ hr before eating.
  • Not combining Wheatgrass with other food or drinks, specially sugary ones
  • If you must chase your Wheatgrass shot with something, it’s best to use water.
  • Swishing Wheatgrass juice in your mouth for 15-30 seconds before swallowing.

Are Andi’s Way’s products pre-washed, or should I wash before use?

Our Fresh Wheatgrass and greens are NOT pre-washed, and should be washed before use.

How much juice should I expect to get from a 1 lb. bag of Wheatgrass?

That will depend on the type of Wheatgrass juicer being used. Typically manual juicers will yield less juice than electric ones. Click here for a list of manual and electric juicers we recommend.

Can I eat Wheatgrass?

Although we do not recommend it, you can chew on wheatgrass blades to extract a limited amount of juice. However, it would take long time to chew on a large amount of wheatgrass blades to extract the equivalent of a 2 oz. shot. At Andi’s Way, we believe that it’s always best to juice the Wheatgrass. Do not swallow the Wheatgrass pulp/fiber. The human body is not capable of effectively digesting this fiber.

Can I juice the Sunflower Greens and Pea Greens?

Absolutely. These greens can be eaten or juiced.