Our Story - The Silver Lining

Our story began in 2009, when my mother-in-law, Andi, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive type of cancer. We didn’t know it then, but her unfortunate diagnosis led to the first step in our family’s journey to growing life changing, healthy superfoods.

Late in my former mother-in-law’s battle with cancer, we began researching new ways of eating, alternative treatments, anything we could do to help her win the fight. After running out of options with Western Medicine, the family decided to try a radically different alternative: natural healing. We heard about the Life Transformation Program at the Hippocrates Health Institute, and decided to give it a try.

To support my mother-in-law, I decided to enroll in the program with her. Needless to say, it was an adjustment for both of us. What we learned at Hippocrates Health Institute was truly eye-opening. We also met countless people who had radically improved their health and overcome major life-ending illnesses by embracing the idea that raw superfoods like Wheatgrass, micro greens, and sprouts could in fact be their best medicine.

Although Andi fought courageously, sadly she lost her battle to cancer within days of her return home from Hippocrates. However, I felt that if Andi embraced the Hippocrates way earlier in her struggle with cancer, she could have had a fighting chance to make it. Her passing in 2009 inspired my former spouse and I to radically change the way we lived and ate, and how we made our living. We both left our jobs in corporate America and bought a small farm. Now my mission in life is to bring you the highest quality, best-tasting wheatgrass and micro greens you’ll ever taste!

And to honor Andi’s memory, I named the company Andi’s Way.

M’Lee Lefkovits

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