1 LB Fresh Organic Wheatgrass

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1 LB Bag of Freshly Harvested, Organic Wheatgrass, direct from the grower. (Soil-grown, in a nutrient dense compost blend, with Non-GMO Organic Seed, using only natural sunlight)

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Andi’s Way Wheatgrass is distinguished by it surprisingly sweet taste.  Many claim it is the best tasting Wheatgrass they have ever had.  Wheatgrass is high in vitamin A,C, and E.  It is also known to be a good source of mineral nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, and tocopherol with high vitamin E potency.(1)  Our bodies cannot make some of the amino acids needed and we must acquire them through nutrition.  Wheatgrass has not 1, but 8 of the amino acids our bodies can not make, seventeen amino acids in total.  

While Ann Wigmore started out just chewing on the blades of Wheatgrass, you are going to want to juice it.  Check out Andi’s Way recommended juicers here https://andisway.com/collections/manual-electric-juicers.

How we grow, is what makes Andi’s Way Wheatgrass taste so Amazingly sweet and smooth:

Many people describe the flavor of wheatgrass as “bitter”, with a strong and unpleasant aftertaste. People drink it because they know it’s so good for them, but often times dread its flavor. Our Wheatgrass and Greens taste amazing because we are passionate about how we grow. We are proud to offer natural, simple, no short-cut wheatgrass. Here's how we do it in 5 easy steps...

    1. Seed - We start with carefully selected Non-GMO Organic seed
    2. Soil - We grow in a nutrient dense, 100% organic compost blend. No Hydroponics ever.
    3. Water - We irrigate with water drawn from a 560 ft. deep well. (We use Organic approved UV light to ensure water is pathogen-free). (No chemically-treated public tap water)
    4. Light - We raise our greens using natural sun light only (from skylights and windows). Natural light makes a huge difference in the flavor. 
    5. Harvest - We harvest at the green’s nutritional peak, to bring you the most nutrient dense product.


    Industry-leading Food Safety Measures

    At Andi’s Way, we follow very strict Food Safety protocols to ensure a safe, pathogen-free product. We are HACCP certified. Every year, we undergo a Rigorous Food Safety and HACCP audit by nationally recognized Primus Labs. Every year in business we have obtained near-perfect scores on these 3rd party audits. This assures our customers that we are growing and providing you with the safest product possible.

      • Andi’s Way wheatgrass is naturally gluten-free and 100% certified organic
      • 100% Organic & GMO-free
      • Soil-grown, using nutrient dense compost blend
      • Grown with natural sunlight (no grow lights)
      • Strict food safety/HACCP protocols
      • 3rd party laboratory to test environment and product for pathogens
      • 3rd party audited by Nationally-accredited Primus Labs
      • Near perfect audit scores every year we’ve been in business!



      We ship our freshly harvested Organic Wheatgrass and greens directly to our customers doorstep anywhere within our coverage area. See coverage map (1 or 2 day service, depending on distance). To ensure freshness, we ship in insulated boxes with re-usable gel packs. We ship out Monday - Thursday to customers within our 1-day coverage area, and Monday - Wednesday for customers within our 2-day coverage area.

      Affordable shipping to most of the eastern half of the U.S.