"This in an amazing company run by great people who care! Their products are the best around/available. I used to get their wheatgrass shots at different places around town, but now got a juicer and juice my own! 2x a day, I have metastatic great cancer and adding wheatgrass shots to my daily diet I think has done WONERS for my health and fighting cancer. There are many changes i've made and this is a big one. My doctors have been amazed how quickly the cancer is going away and keep calling me "the exception" bc I've done so much better than most others. NEVER once got ill during 5 months of chemo and felt "normal" just about through it all. Wheatgrass has SO many benefits, EVERYONE should be drinking it!!"

Lindsay K. | Alpharetta, GA


"I’ve been taking daily shots of wheatgrass for almost 13 years. Having lived on both coasts, I’ve tried wheatgrass from lots of places. Andi’s Way is hands down the best tasting wheatgrass I’ve ever had. I have them ship me wheatgrass every week . Their Sunflower Sprouts and Pea Greens are amazing too."
Carol B  |   Chicago, IL


"I’ve been doing Wheatgrass for over 20 years. I discovered Andi’s Way Wheatgrass while visiting Atlanta last year. I could not believe how amazingly sweet and smooth it tasted. I live in New York City, and have lots of local growers I can buy from, but I have Andi’s Way ship me my fresh Wheatgrass every week. Now I cannot live without it. Andi’s Way is simply the best."
Sebastian M.  |  New York City


"Life Bar has been exclusively carrying Andi's Way wheatgrass for the past year, and a half.  We are positively amazed with the quality, and consistency of their wheatgrass. Switching to Andi's Way increased our wheatgrass juice yield fifty percent! Each blade is dense, sweet, and full of nutrition! We have never tasted more delicious wheatgrass juice! Our customers are always surprised at how wonderful each shot tastes."
Jamie and Chase |  Life Bar, Louisville KY


“I have been in and around the juicebar industry for close to six years, and I can confidently say, that Andi’s Way wheatgrass is BAR-NONE the best tasting wheatgrass I’ve ever had. My sister and I run a juicebar in Raleigh, NC. I have worked with Jeremey and M’Lee for close to two years. They are honest, innovative and above all committed to the highest quality of standards both in product and service.

While we could source wheatgrass and sprouts locally, we choose to source our product from Andi’s Way in Cumming, GA. We believe Andi’s Way quality, quantity, and taste is worth the extra we pay for shipping and handling cost.”

Chris Young, Co-Founder, Juicekeys   |  Raleigh, NC



“Andi’s Way grows the absolutely best tasking wheatgrass, period…. Thank you for keeping my family and I healthy!!!

Monica L. |  Atlanta, GA



“Drinking my morning shot of wheatgrass used to be something I dreaded, but just did to stay healthy. Since I discovered Andi’s Way’s Wheatgrass, now it’s a part of my morning ritual I look forward to. It’s truly the best tasking wheatgrass I’ve ever had.”

Stacy B. | Alpharetta, GA


“Who knew Wheatgrass could actually taste good? I always thought it was supposed to be nasty, because it’s so good for you. Andi’s Wheatgrass is so yummy, I can’t believe its wheatgrass! And they ship it fresh, right to my door.”

Jonathan P. | Miami, FLA


“I’ve never tasted better Wheatgrass. And it makes me feel so energized. I love it. My day is not complete without a shot of their delicious Wheatgrass.”

Tracy S. | Alpharetta, GA