Hamilton Beach Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer (HWG800) FREE SHIPPING

$ 765.00


Product Details


Ideal for higher volume juicing, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer was designed for commercial juice bars and restaurants to stand up to everyday use. 

The HWG800 is a "masticating-style" juicer designed to maximize juice yield and profits from wheatgrass.  It has a durable motor and construction, is easy to assemble with long lasting type 304 grade surgical stainless steel parts, and the speed can be adjusted for busier hours. 

Each unit comes with a stomper for feeding longer wheatgrass and an extra straining screen. 

You can also rest assured with a one year ExpressCare replacement warranty from Hamilton Beach - if something isn't working right and can't be troubleshooted over the phone, a new unit will be shipped to you by Hamilton Beach.  120 V.  Conforms to NSF/ANSI STD. 8.