Why does Andi’s Way Wheatgrass taste so amazingly sweet and smooth?

Posted on February 07 2017

 Pure water, drawn from a 500ft well directly on our farm, treated with UV light

This is probably the question we’ve gotten the most in all the years we’ve been growing Wheatgrass.

A few weeks ago, I’m chatting with the gal working behind the juice bar counter at the Whole Foods Market in Buckhead (Atlanta). We’ve know each other for several years. She then mentions with some excitement to the customers in line that I (together with my wife) are the Wheatgrass growers for Whole Foods in the region. Immediately, this lady standing in line jumps out and gives me a hug (that’s a first for me). She tells me her name is Becky, and that she recently moved to Atlanta from New York. She’s been drinking Wheatgrass shots almost daily for over 12 years. She always dreaded the flavor, but would drink it because she just knew it was good for her.

Whole Foods Market Buckhead (Atlanta)

She tells me the 1st time she tried our Organic Wheatgrass at Whole Foods, she questioned the Juice bar associate about whether sugar had been added to her shot. No, replies the juice bar associate, we use Andi’s Way. It’s just tastes amazingly sweet.

Then another customer with a bedazzled look pipes up: “I tried a shot of Wheatgrass once years ago, it was the nastiest thing I’ve ever had”. So Becky, my new best friend, tells her she needs to give Wheatgrass another try. She’ll be amazed once she tries this one. Finally, the reluctant customer decides to give it another try, and voila, she is amazed and shocked.

This brings me back to the original question: Why does Andi’s Way Wheatgrass taste so amazingly sweet and smooth?

The answer is simple: Wheatgrass should naturally have a sweet, smooth flavor.

Our Wheatgrass tastes amazing because we are passionate about growing it ORGANICALLY, without taking any short-cuts.

Here's how we do it, in 5 easy steps...

  1. Seed - We start with carefully selected, Non-GMO ORGANIC seed.Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Seed
  2. Growing Media - We grow our Wheatgrass and sprouts in a nutrient dense, 100% organic (manure-free) compost blend. No Hydroponics, ever.Organic, Nutrient Dense Compost Blend
  3. Water - We irrigate our Wheatgrass and Sprouts with water drawn from a 500+ ft. deep well on our farm. (We use OMRI approved UV light to ensure water is pathogen-free). (No chemically-treated public tap water). Pure water, drawn from a 500ft well directly on our farm, treated with UV light
  4. Light - We raise our Organic Wheatgrass and greens using natural sun light only (from skylights and windows). Natural light makes a huge difference in the flavor.

         Natural sunlight, from Windows and skylights

        5.  Harvest - We harvest our Wheatgrass at its nutritional peak, to bring you the most nutrient dense product.

             Fresh Organic Wheatgrass, harvested at its peak

      It’s that simple. Enjoy!!!


       Andi's Way Organic Wheatgrass and Sprouts




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